Clean Team

The Problem: Poor soil and bacteria removal

Dirty, unsanitary restrooms are consistently the number one building maintenance complaint. They’re often the number one building health hazard too. That’s because a restroom is really a bio-hazardous waste transfer station—a primary source of disease-causing organisms.

Alarmingly, studies confirm that many bio-contaminants originating in the restroom ultimately make their way throughout the building. The reality is that you cannot have a truly healthy building if your restrooms are not hygienically cleaned. Unfortunately, traditional restroom cleaning tools, like mops and wipes, remove very little soil, bacteria and other indoor pollutants. Worse, studies show that they often simply re-distribute and cross contaminate. Then, workers end up crawling around on their hands and knees wiping soiled surfaces and fixtures by hand.

The Solution: Clean Team Cleaning Solutions

CleanTeam restroom hygiene service is designed to remove the maximum amount of bio pollution. We combine automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system.

We clean better, cut labor, chemical, and equipment costs while raising worker morale and enhancing your company’s image.

The CleanTeam offers:

  • Expert consultation
  • Detailed cost savings analysis
  • Competitive “apples to apples” pricing

CleanTeam will clean one restroom free of charge. CleanTeam will also provide one FREE before & after ATP (Bacteria) test.