Top Sellers

The products listed on this page are some of our top sellers in each product category. Don’t see what you need? No problem. We stock hundreds of items in each category sure to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for a full-on site needs analysis designed to custom fit your facility with these products and more. Our trained sales and service experts will design a program guaranteed to save you time and money.

Stretch Wrap

47GA Stretch Wrap

18″ x 1,500′

Product: ARI 151209

61GA Revolution Machine Stretch Film

20″ x 5,000′

Product: 2055 MPX

3″ Banding Film

1,000′ Roll

Product: WP-380


Poly Bags

Seal Top Poly Bags

6×9, 2MIL, 1,000/case

Product: ELK F20609

Poly Bags

9×12, 4MIL, 1,000/case

Product: ELK 40F-0912



1/2″x.024×9,000′ Poly Hand Grade Strapping

300 lb. Break Strength, 8″x8″ Core

Product: 10961

5/8″x.023 Steel Strapping

High Tensile

Product: 10635



3″x100 yds. Clear Packing Tape

Product: SHUR 207194

AP101 2″x110 yds. Clear Packing Tape

Product: SHUR 230982

HP200 3″x914M Clear Machine Packing Tape

Product: SHUR 208496